Moving into a new home is an exciting time, but it also means you’ll need to set up your Utilities. Here’s a short guide designed to make that process as easy as possible for you.


Setting up gas service for your home can be done through Centerpoint Energy, via their website at or by calling them at 713.659.2111.


To set up water service for your home you’ll likely need to contact the City of Houston by visiting or by calling 713.371.1400. However, if you’re moving into one of the smaller cities that are part of the Houston Metro area (Bellaire, West University Place, etc.), you may be able to set up your water service through those localities.


Unlike with gas and water, with electricity service for your home, you will be able to select the provider. There are many different options to choose from and a few different sites that are designed to help you browse different rates and providers. To get started, visit,, or

Garbage Collection

You’ll want to check with your Realtor, Landlord, or Property manager regarding garbage collection as it can vary by neighborhood. If the city of Houston handles your garbage collection, you can set it up when you are setting up your Water and Sewer account. Again, this can be done through or by calling 713.371.1400.


AT&T and Xfinity are the primary internet, phone and cable TV providers in Houston. U-verse service with AT&T can be set up via or by calling 844.827.7057. Xfinity service can be set up via or by calling 844.732.2128. Satellite TV is available from Dish Network and DirectTV.

There are also services available like which provide a one-stop shop for utilities and can help you receive a discount.